An Apartment That Feels Like Home

When I started looking at apartments for rent in Orlando FL, I really had no idea what I wanted. I had never lived on my own before, as I had went right from my parents’ house to a dorm room. I then went back to my parents until I was married a few months later, and I just moved in with my husband. Though we did try to make it work, we knew within just months that we had made a big mistake. We were both happy that the divorce was finalized quickly.

The only thing was, I did not want to move back into my parents’ house again. I have a really good job, so I started looking at apartment complexes that are close to there. When I started looking at the apartments at the Murano complex, I knew that I had found where I wanted to live. I looked at the floor plans, and I really liked the two bedroom unit with the balcony. Even though I was not planning on having a roommate, I still wanted to have the extra bedroom. I also liked that there are two bathrooms there.

That was important to me because I like having my own personal space. I am a social person, so I knew that I would end up having people over for game nights or to watch movies. They can use the second bathroom that is right off the living room, and they can also stay in the guest bedroom if the night goes on too long. My favorite part about all of it though is the balcony that is right off my bedroom. It felt like the perfect place to make my new home, and I am fitting in really well here with the other tenants. It truly does feel great to be on my own like this.