Can You Make Breasts Get Bigger?

Of course I understand why some girls are sort of obsessed about the size of their breasts, but it is really not huge of a deal to me as it is to some of my friends. One of them was showing me a web page where they would sell you breast enhancement pills or creams and they claimed that they would make them grow. In fact if there was a way to do that there would not be any flat chested girls walking around and there would not really be any doubt about whether or not the stuff worked. It is not like they would need to advertise the stuff if it really did what they said that it does. It is something that is going to be talked about one way or another, and if there were any girls who suddenly blossomed like that and they said this stuff was responsible. Well the word would spread like a wild fire. It is not going to be something where there is any doubt about it. Even if it only worked a few times relatively, that would still generate news.

In fact there seems to be some ways that proof that it is possible to make breasts bigger, albeit this was done accidentally and to people of the wrong sex to want bigger breasts. It has happened in people who were taking anti psychotic drugs, but they were men and they did not want to have large breasts. In fact the drug had all sorts of other bad side effects. It is not like you want to take a drug like this unless you really need to do it. They certainly do not work very well when you compare it to the bad things that come along with it, but it seems obvious that a drug could do this.