Chiropractic Care is Part of the Benefits Package

The first eight months of my pregnancy were beautiful. I loved feeling all the changes in my body, knowing that my son was going to enter the world very soon. It was not until about five weeks before my due date that I started having terrible back pain. My sisters both told me that I am lucky it happened as late as it did because they both had horrible pain as well but much earlier than what I did. My older sister told me I need to make an appointment with a chiropractor in Peoria AZ right away.

She told me that she would not have been able to function as well as she did without chiropractic care. I knew that she had been to one, but I didn’t really know the specifics of it. I guess it is not really something you shout from the rooftops, all your pregnancy woes. I was really glad that I shared my discomfort with them though because I would have never thought to get chiropractic care for myself. It is not that I am not a believer of it, because I am. I just thought that it was too late in my pregnancy to seek it out.

My sister told me that she got an adjustment a week before she gave birth, and that she also believes it is one of the reasons why she only had a one hour labor and delivery time. My other sister had a very short delivery as well, and I was hoping that I would continue that trend. I had my first adjustment just a few days later, and I felt instant relief. I had a few more before I gave birth, and I am happy to say that while I had the longest delivery time, it was still under two hours!