He Has a New Physics Mentor

When my son asked me how the scanners worked at the grocery, I was not able to explain it to him. He was young, probably around eight years old, and he told me it was okay that I did not know. To him though, it was not okay that he did not know. He developed a keen interest in physics once he realized that it was exactly that that created everything from the grocery scanner to space rockets. In high school, I had to sign him up for physics tuition because he was actually having a struggle in his class.

He was not getting the material in the way the teacher was explaining it. He did get the basic things like the other students, but he felt that her teaching method was not conducive to great learning. He is the one who asked if he could look into a private tutor so he would not fall behind. He was not worried about falling behind in the physics class, because he was maintaining a decent grade in there. He did not want to fall behind in his own mind though, and I completely understood that because he does set some high goals for himself.

We looked into different tutors in the area together, and he was excited when he came across the one that he ended up picking. The tutor has written books on the subject, and my son had to buy them, naturally. I do not mind any of this because he is going places, but even more importantly, this is what excites him. In the private classes, he was able to fully understand everything, and he is even more excited about what is going on than what he was before the classes. He has a new mentor and hero in his life now too!