I Am Working out and Dieting Again

Of course it is only typical for me, especially after the long winters we have around here. It has been pretty brutal lately and now that the weather has changed I have decided to get off of my butt and work off the weight that I had gained over the dreary season of winter. All of my friends have been eager to tell me how it is that I should do it, although I know that a Safflower oil diet is more than likely going to be a lot less practical than working out and eating less than you are now. There must be millions of different ways that people try to lose weight and as many more that people use to try to make money off of people who want to lose weight. If you search for stuff on the subject on the web the results are really overwhelming.

In fact I already know the drill. I started out before the weather changed, going up and down the stairs at work. We do not have a gym, but we do have a shower. So I have been showing up about forty minutes early for work, wearing sweatpants and an old sweater when I show up. Then I go up and down the stairs at a good rate, fast enough that I will be beat after half an hour. That will burn some weight off, especially if you wear heavy clothes so that you warm up quickly and break a sweat. After that I will drink a smoothie for breakfast, take a shower and get dressed. I do the same thing after I get off of work, only I do it two or three times so that I will really get the best effect. At least I try to do it two or three times.