I Feel Safe with New Locks

I bought my first house not long ago. I am in my early 30s, I am not married, and I have no family that lives close to me, but I still felt like putting down roots where I bought the house. I had visited the area several times for a possible job offer, and I knew it was meant to be when I was offered the position. I found a cute two bedroom home about a ten minute walk from my new job, and I was ready to move in as soon as I found a locksmith near me.

I knew that I needed to have someone come out and put new locks on the door before I set foot in the house for an entire day. This was out of character for me buying a house so far away from everyone I know, but it still felt right. Normally, I am not a risk taker, and I play everything very safely. That is why I wanted to have a locksmith come out before I spent the night there on my own. I am not afraid to be on my own, but I was concerned with who all might have keys to the locks on the doors.

It was a young couple who sold me the house, and they told me themselves they like to travel. They would have friends come over and take care of the house while they were gone, so that meant a lot of people could have had keys to it. I just wanted brand new locks on all the doors, and I also wanted him to check the window locks. I found a locksmith close to me with a very solid reputation for being fair and honest. He put all new locks on my doors and windows, and I feel very safe living here now!