What Goes Through This Man’s Mind?

I really do wonder what a psychologist would think if they put the 45th president of the United States of America on the couch. If you look really closely at all of the President Trump news then you have to wonder what sort of bats are wandering about in his chimneys. It is pretty obvious for example, that he is trying to distract people from the Russia investigation by claiming that President Obama used wiretaps to spy upon him. However you wonder how he can not know that this is really stupid on the one hand. This never happened and it is possible to prove that it never happened in a matter of seconds. If it had been true, then as president he would have had the power to unclassify all of the proof that it happened in the matter of moments. Since he has not ever done anything of the sort you know that this is false and demonstrably false, aside from the fact that any coherent person knew this right after the words left his mouth.

Still you can go to Fox News and there will be people trying to make some alibi for this, for instance that one clown claimed the British Secret Intelligence Service (I forget which one it was) had done it for them. This is really absurd enough, but then the President went out and repeated it, even though this was a slur against our closest ally for the past six decades. He is the president and even though he espouses a bunch of nonsense, it seems as though he has to know that we need these same people to help keep our people safe. That seems so obvious that you would think any person would know it, but it does not seem to enter into his calculations.